Why I Would Recommend HRC Fertility to a Friend

Rosemary and Andre were referred to HRC Fertility’s fertility specialists by her OB when they were having difficulty conceiving on their own.

The couple attended one Dr. Bradford Kolb’s free informational meetings, and decided to proceed with treatment and Dr. Kolb. Rosemary and Andre ended up doing three rounds of IVF, and are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, Elise.

When asked what she liked best about treatment, Rosemary had this to say:

“From start to finish, everyone from the front desk, to the surgery center, to Dr. Kolb, to my nurse coordinators–and especially Debbie, with whom I had the most contact–were supportive. Everybody there was so kind and so encouraging.”

One of the things Rosemary liked best was Dr. Kolb’s positive attitude, especially when her first cycle ended in miscarriage and her second didn’t result in any viable eggs.

“When my husband wasn’t able to be at the appointment, he was very supportive and encouraging, so I had a lot of trust and faith in him,” she said. “Both Dr. Kolb and Debbie were hopeful about the next time  so I had to believe in that.”

Dr. Kolb had a great analogy about a bowl of eggs that helped Rosemary stay positive about her treatment. He described a woman in her 20s having a bowl of eggs with which to get pregnant. Because Rosemary had only one ovary and one fallopian tube, her bowl of eggs was smaller, but not empty.

Dr. Kolb kept reminding Rosemary that it was just a matter of finding a good egg–which they did on her third cycle. Though she and her husband were elated, she began bleeding heavily at 8-1/2 weeks and was worried about a miscarriage.

The morning of her appointment, Dr. Kolb was taking longer than anticipated in the surgery center. The front desk staff recognized Rosemary’s anxiety and did what they could to help her stay informed during her wait.

The good news was she wasn’t miscarrying and was instead suffering a subchorionic hematoma, a common cause of bleeding in early pregnancy.

“The whole staff was so excited for me,” said Rosemary, who added that she would definitely recommend HRC to other couples who need infertility treatment. “It was just a really…. I don’t know…. I’m not going to go as far as saying it was a family, but it was definitely a sense of community, of everyone rooting for all the patients there.

“I really did appreciate and enjoy every step of the way. Everyone was so kind and so understanding, so sympathetic and empathetic. It really was a great experience.”