Traveling Patients: USA Gender Selection

International patients happy they can do gender selection in the USAHRC Fertility in Southern California helps thousands of couples achieve their dreams of having families and balancing their families with the help of fertility treatments and assisted reproduction technology. Babies born through fertility treatments at HRC Fertility are represented on almost every continent. While gender selection may be controversial and even illegal in some foreign countries, that does not prevent patients from coming to California and utilizing the gender selection technology.

HRC Fertility makes it as easy as possible for patients to travel to California for gender selection. We are extremely adept at working with patients remotely while they are being monitored by fertility clinics close to their homes. And with communication methods via phone, email and Skype, patients from other states and throughout the world do not have to come to California to see if they are candidates for treatment — or even to start their treatment.

After an initial phone consultation, a fertility nurse gets in touch with the patient, and HRC finds a monitoring clinic close to the patient’s home where some of the basic fertility tests can be performed. If there is no fertility clinic close to the patient, HRC will work with gynecologists and radiologists to obtain the needed tests. Each patient will have a single fertility doctor and single fertility nurse to work with.

At HRC Fertility, we work to accommodate the patient’s needs and keep gender selection as simple and straightforward as possible. HRC manages the entire treatment cycle from the beginning to the end of the first trimester by utilizing resources close to the patient, with the patient coming to California during key points of their treatment, and then returning home. It’s a simple process that is not too intrusive upon our patients. To learn more about why patients travel to the U.S. for gender selection and family balancing, click here.

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