Why Women Want Daughters: Baby Girl Gender Selection

women want girls in the family

Across all cultures, countless women yearn for a baby girl. Why do so many women want daughters? In some cases, it’s simple: women want the company of their own gender and to share a feminine camaraderie. Some women want to replicate the relationship they had with their own adored mothers, or to create a loving, close relationship that they never had with their mothers. Some women who lost mothers early in life report wanting to create that mother-daughter that they still miss. Some women don’t even know why they desire a girl, they just do.

If you’re considering gender selection, it’s important to explore what’s motivating you and to recognize that your child may not fulfill your dreams and fantasies. Most couples considering this important step, realize this.

Some women want a daughter simply to balance the gender mix of their families. Or they want to experience parenting from “both sides”.

This desire for a girl (or a boy) baby often runs deep. Many women seeking gender selection have visualized having a daughter since they were young girls themselves. As one Canadian woman reported, “I just can let go of this thing of wanting a daughter.…I’ve wanted one all of my life.” This Dream Daughter occupies much room in their minds and hearts. When such a mother has her third son and knows that she will not have more children, that Dream Daughter —and the opportunity for that longed-for relationship—disappears. Many women experience mourning, very similar to the loss of a child.

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