Basic Tests

basic-testsHRC Fertility in California will work with a fertility center close to the patient in order to obtain the tests needed before fertility treatment and the gender selection process. If there is no fertility center available, HRC will work with gynecologists and radiologists to obtain the needed tests.

Patients can obtain the following tests close to home:

  • Semen analysis
  • Tests for egg quality
  • Infectious disease screenings
  • Ultrasounds

Once the testing is performed, HRC analyzes the information gathered. If it looks reasonable for the patient to proceed with treatment, treatment can begin in the patient’s state or country. HRC will work with monitoring clinics close to the patients. Once treatment has started, ultrasounds and blood tests will be done remotely and sent to HRC, which manages the cycle and sends orders to the monitoring clinic. As the egg retrieval and/or embryo transfer dates approach, patients will need to be seen by an HRC Fertility physician in order to coordinate the final stages of the cycle.

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