Pregnancy and PGD Gender Selection Success Rates

c250aa2f64HRC Fertility in Southern California strives to maintain the highest standard of fertility care. We offer cutting edge and state-of-the-art technologies to achieve superior pregnancy rates with fertility treatment and gender selection.

The success rates for gender selection with PGD is 99.9 %. The PGD success rates for gender selection is the highest rate for any scientific or other method. To learn more about the PGD process, click here.

Following are success rates for IVF with fresh embryos, frozen embryo transfer and donor egg cycles at HRC Fertility.


Fresh Embryos from Non Donor Eggs <= 35 Yrs 35-37 Yrs 38-40 Yrs 41-42 Yrs 42+ Yrs
Pregnancy % 72% 67% 55% 38% 20%
Reporting: January – December 2013
Frozen embryo transfers All ages combined
Pregnancy % 50%
Donor Eggs All ages combined
Pregnancy % 71%

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