Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Gender Selection Success Stories


A Healthy Baby Boy

My husband and I have two girls and we desperately want a boy. We have chosen IVF and PGD to have a 100% chance of a boy; assuming we actually conceive this way. . . . My husband is black and we can also will test for sickle cell. . . . I’m just really excited. The more that I get to reading online Web sites, the more I get excited about it. I think PGD is a medical miracle, really.Cynthia A.

The Secret Pink Stash

The day I found out I was finally pregnant with a daughter [after doing IVF/PGD], it all came full circle. The little girl clothes I had been buying on the sly for more than eleven years, the pink bunting, the flowered crib set—I could finally use it. I broke into tears and when I came home from the ultrasound I rushed to get all the stuff out. The things I had secretly harbored, hoping against hope—now I could set up the nursery for a girl. It was an amazing feeling. And such a release. I was finally having that daughter I had bought for and longed for.Sara W.

Success with PGS for Rare Gene Disorder

image-300x168Thank you doesn’t adequately express our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Frederick and her team at HRC Fertility. My husband Glenn & I had tried to conceive for almost two years and after much heartache and multiple failed pregnancy tests, we decided it was time to look at our options. Dr. Frederick and her team at HRC Fertility came with the highest of recommendations from my OB/GYN, Dr. Ann Marie Raffo. We now fully understand why! From our initial consultation, Dr. Frederick was caring, compassionate and thorough in explaining our options, associated risks and the potential for success. Given the fact that I am a carrier of an extremely rare single gene disorder, she advised going straight to IVF with genetic testing. We agreed and this was where our journey began and our family started becoming a reality.

I’m a baby when it comes to needles and procedures in general, but with the support of my husband and HRC’s staff, I found the strength to push through. Every time I met with Dr. Frederick, I felt at ease, which was huge for me. I trusted her implicitly. I have to give huge accolades to Behnaz and Rose as well. Behnaz was thorough with all of my instructions and was there for me every step of the way to answer all of my questions (and there were a lot!!) Knowing my debilitating fear of blood draws, Rose always made sure she was available to take my blood and allow me to lay down, which made the process seem better for me. While the entire HRC staff is professional and caring, I felt most comfortable with Rose. She recognized that comfort level innately and made herself available for my draws and procedures throughout the process.

Now onto why Dr. Frederick will forever be in our hearts and will always be my favorite doctor. Quite simply, she’s a miracle worker! We had 10 embryos that went through PGS screening. Of the 10, we only had 3 that were viable, and of those 3 we only had 1 that didn’t carry the single gene disorder…..only 1! This embryo was our only hope, we had no back ups. Dr. Frederick and her team masterfully orchestrated this embryo’s survival through fertilization, the freezing and thawing processes and ultimately the delicate transfer for successful implantation. The day she personally called me to let us know our prayers had been answered and that we were pregnant will live in our hearts forever! She was not only with me for every ultrasound but she was and still is there for us through life’s ultimate journey. I’m happy to say we are now 24 weeks along with a healthy baby girl!

We will be forever indebted to Dr. Frederick and her team at HRC! We have already referred one family to her and will continue to do so. I have a strong feeling we will be back to see her for #2!L.R.

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