Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to come to California to meet with a fertility doctor before I start treatment?

No, after an initial phone consultation and testing, patients can start treatment in their own countries and are monitored by a local fertility clinic that works closely with HRC. HRC Fertility manages the cycle remotely.

I don’t have a fertility clinic near me to monitor my cycle. What are my options?

HRC Fertility will find physicians — radiologists and Ob/Gyns — near you who can perform tests and monitor your cycle.

If I choose gender selection with HRC, how long do I have to stay in California?

Once patients are halfway through the treatment cycle, they come to California where they will stay for 7 to 10 days. During that stay, the following happens:

  • The patients’ eggs will be retrieved,
  • The eggs will be fertilized
  • HRC will perform the genetic testing on the embryos
  • The embryos will be transferred

After the egg retrieval, patients and their families have time for themselves and can enjoy the sights in California or in other states, returning to HRC for the embryo transfer. After the embryo transfer, the patient will stay in California for one more night. After that, it is safe for patients to return home where they will be monitored with blood tests for hormone levels and ultrasounds to check growth of the fetus for the first trimester.

Is it very expensive to do gender selection at HRC Fertility?

It is not significantly more expensive to come to HRC Fertility in California and undergo IVF and genetic testing of the embryos than it is for many patients to complete care in their own countries. Patients are undergoing safe treatment in a country that regulates their medical care very carefully.

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