PGS and PGD Statistics

99.9% PGD statistics correct on a boyWhen performed at an experienced fertility clinic with well-trained laboratory technicians, PGS, is reported to be 99.9% effective in selecting genders, especially when using Day 5 embryos. This is because between 3 to 5 cells from the outside of the embryo (the trophectoderm) are screened to determine more accurately if the embryo is either female (XX) or male (XY). The science of gender screening has been proven and replicated at fertility clinics and in laboratories around the globe for about 30 years.

However, in looking at the overall process, another important question arises: Do IVF cycles with PGD/PGS have higher pregnancy live birth rates than IVF cycles without PGD/PGS? With the introduction of much-improved technologies, pregnancy rates are improved overall when transferring embryos that are ‘normal’ (or euploid in that they contain 46 chromosomes). At HRC Fertility our pregnancy rates per transfer of a euploid embryo are approximately 75%. In order to increase the likelihood that there is at least one suitable male or female embryo to transfer, patients often undergo an embryo collection cycle first and followed by a subsequent stimulation cycle that includes a pregenetic screening of all of the embryos at once.

HRC Fertility physicians and embryologists are very experienced with PGD/PGS and perform the embryo biopsy techniques on a regular basis. Extraction a cell or cells from the embryo require the precision of a highly trained laboratory staff. So for the best chance at success, it’s important to work with a clinic with a proven reputation for PGD/PGS.

PGD statistics are extremely high for success. In fact, PGS is 99.9 % effective for gender selection. The reason that IVF-PGS is not 100% effective in gender selection is that in a minuscule amount of cases when the single cell or cells are removed from the embryo and screened, the embryologist may find no “signal” when in fact one should appear. This is quite rare, however.

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