Phone Consultation

phone-consultationPatients from areas outside of California, either domestic or International, seeking to balance their families via gender selection can schedule an hour-long telephone/skype consultation with any HRC Fertility physician. During the telephone consultation, HRC will:

  • Review the patient’s medical history
  • Explain the in vitro fertilization procedure
  • Explain genetic testing and the gender selection process
  • Explore whether gender selection is the right option for the patient
  • From this initial telephone consultation, the fertility doctor is able to determine what medical tests are necessary to proceed with treatment.

After the initial phone consultation, HRC Fertility nursing team will communicate regularly with the patient in order to carry out the particular treatment plan. We pride ourselves on providing individualized patient-centered care whether a patient lives locally or miles away.

Call us at (866)472-4483, or complete the form on this page to schedule an appointment.