Turkey Baster, Douches and pH Balance

fbb0160f82A popular gender selection method involves the turkey baster, the long, suction instrument used to keep baking turkeys moist. Single women have been using them for decades to impregnate themselves (at home) with sperm from sperm banks or male friends who agree to father a baby.

Today women, married and single, are using the turkey baser in hopes of conceiving a baby boy or girl by inserting vinegar, and other alkaline or acidic substances into their vaginas with basters, to alter their natural alkaline levels. Other women use store-purchased, specially-formulated douches.  pH test strips sold online or at drug stores can help women measure their natural pH levels and alter them accordingly.

The popular sex-selection theory at play is that:

  • Y-carrying sperm, which produce boy babies, thrive on what’s considered the ideal vaginal pH level: 8.0 – 9.9. Thus, if women create this ideal level, they can help the Y-chromosome sperm (male) to reach the egg before the X-sperm (female).

(“pH” stands for “potential hydrogen” or “parts hydrogen” and reflects the acidic/alkaline level of a substance. Acids 6 or lower pH, and alkalis (or bases) have a 8 or higher pH. A 7 pH is considered neutral.)

According to at-home, gender selection “experts,” women hoping to conceive a boy should have a vaginal region pH of at least 8. Some women desiring a girl douche with an acidic solution (e.g. vinegar) attempting to lower their pH levels. (Doctors don’t recommend this.)

Scientists discredit this “perfect pH level” theory with the fact that the vagina normally has a certain level of acidity, and sperm don’t spend enough time there to be adversely affected by it.