Timing Sex: The 0+12 Method

a3b53d48a8Couples seeking a natural sex-selection method to conceive a girl baby have used the “O+12”, meaning ovulation + 12 hours. According to this theory, couples should have sex at least 12  hours past the woman’s ovulation. (If a single woman is using sperm from a friend or sperm bank, she should insert the sperm (or have a doctor do so) 12 hours post ovulation.)

For this method, a woman must know when she’s ovulating, down to the exact hour —quite a feat! A variety of methods can help determine ovulation:

  • Diligently tracking menstrual cycles for months by carefully checking basal body temperature (BBT) every morning before getting out of bed; usually a woman’s a temperature dips slightly before ovulation, and then sharply rises.
  • Examining cervical discharge to see whether it is thick or thin, clear or cloudy.
  • Using ovulation predictor kits.
  • Noticing physical signs such as ovulation pain. (Some women pinpoint ovulation this way, others can’t.)

When ovulation occurs, the O+12 method recommends intercourse or sperm insertion at least 12 hours after ovulation to conceive a girl. Some ask their partners to abstain from ejaculation for several days before so that only the older sperm, believed to comprise a high percentage of the X-bearing (female) sperm, will still be around. After intercourse, the couple should not have sex again until they are certain her fertile period passes; otherwise, a fresh batch of sperm may bring more Y-bearing (male) sperm, according to this theory.

Remember, this method, like the other at-home, gender-selecting methods described here, are unsupported by science.