Deciding which technologies to use in your family-balancing journey is a big step. Paying for it can be an equally giant step — PGD can cost from $17,000 to $21,000.

Insurance policies vary in terms of what they cover in terms of infertility treatment, so if you’re coping with secondary infertility and in doing so, want to choose the gender of your baby for family balancing purposes, some procedures may be covered. Some couples, who have choices of insurance policies, assess each option’s infertility treatment coverage and choose a policy plan that best suits their needs.

Figuring out how to pay for family balancing procedures takes a degree of creativity and, for some, a measure of courage.

  • Some couples take from their life savings to pay for treatment; others borrow from their IRA’s or children’s college funds.
  • Others without large savings or access to money, borrow from relatives — parents, grandparents, siblings — or good friends.
  • Others take out home equity loans or second mortgages.
  • Some use their credit cards to cover part of the costs.
  • Many fertility clinics also offer financing options or a series of three cycles of treatment at lower costs than paying for one treatment, and then another if the first or second doesn’t end in a pregnancy.