If You Don’t Like Your Clinic, Find One You Do

L and A (couple wishes to remain anonymous) didn’t start their fertility journey with HRC. In fact, they didn’t even know HRC or Dr. Robert Boostanfar existed when they started trying to conceive.

“We started this journey with another clinic that was more like a mill,” L recalled. “It seemed like there were extra tests that weren’t really necessary. Also, they didn’t really share information with us. We’re pretty well educated, so it’s not like we didn’t understand the medical terminology. But it was like pulling teeth to get information out of them. It seemed like all they wanted to do was take our money.”

One of the couple’s biggest frustrations was the communication between the clinic and the couple regarding their case. She described how the first clinic wouldn’t even tell them why they should do a specific test.

“It was like, ‘you need to do this, this and this’ with no reasons given. After doing our own research, we discovered those tests weren’t even necessary. It was just another way of getting money,  an even bigger financial burden.”

The couple knew it was time to find another clinic, and discovered HRC. Once they became patients at HRC, they felt they were much better informed, even when the news wasn’t good.

On their first cycle, they chose to quit halfway through because Laura’s ovaries weren’t preparing enough eggs for the cycle.

After a couple of months, they started a second IVF cycle. Seven eggs were successfully retrieved and they ended up with three viable embryos. L and A needed to decided on how many to transfer. They learned that there were pros and cons to either transferring too few or too many embryos.

The important thing was that they knew all of their options. Part of the reason L and A felt comfortable making their decision is that they felt HRC was very informative, giving them both the best and worst case scenarios. Also, Dr Boostanfar was great at mapping out all the possibilities so they could make the best decision possible.

“We were very happy with HRC the entire time,” said L. “We knew all the possibilities and we ended up with the best case scenario–beautiful twins.”

The Emotional Journey of Infertility Treatment

Michelle and Trevor, like most couples undergoing fertility treatment, had both an emotional and physical journey.

The couple went to their OBGYN after trying for a year on their won. Michelle suffered from PCOS, a hormonal imbalance and common condition for women in their childbearing years. The doctor started them on Clomid to try to stimulate regular ovulation and facilitate conception. Michelle described how she felt throughout her treatment.

“I had a meltdown each time the Clomid didn’t work, and every day it seemed like another one of my friends was pregnant–on Facebook, in public, everywhere. And then I would hate those people for no good reason.”

It’s not uncommon for patients undergoing fertility treatment to feel frustrated by their lack of control. “I felt like a failure,” she recalled. “I blamed myself and cried a lot.”

Still, Michelle never wanted to quit, in part because she doesn’t think she tried long enough to get pregnant to reach that level of discouragement.

“When I found out I had PCOS, I knew getting pregnant was going to be a challenge for me,” she said. “I decided to approach treatment knowing it was going to be an uphill battle instead of being surprised by it.”

After their doctor suggested infertility treatment, Michelle and Trevor moved to HRC and Dr. Alison Peck with the goal of intrauterine insemination (IUI). After getting pregnant and quickly miscarrying, Michelle received the biggest surprise of all: getting pregnant before their second IUI.

Their baby Jackson was born in March 2015–proof that there’s a great view at the top of the hill.

Woman pays $50,000 to Make Sure Fourth Child Was a Girl

Jayne_and_Jon_CornwillWhen little Emmerson was welcomed into the world seven months ago, Jayne and Jon Cornwill finally felt like their family was complete.

It has particularly been Mrs Cornwill’s life-long dream to raise a baby girl.

So much so, the mother of three boys went to great lengths to ensure her fourth child would fill the missing void she’s felt all these years.

As non-medical gender selection remains illegal in Australia, Jayne and her husband flew to the US to undergo a procedure which would allow them to determine the gender of their embryos.

The overall trip cost the couple from Mount Barker, east of Adelaide in South Australia, almost $50,000, and they believe it was worth every single cent.

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I paid $50,000 to have a girl

Jayne Cornwill argues the case for gender selection in Australia.

1415847492965I’ll never forget the moment the nurse holding the ultrasound wand to my belly said the three words I’d waited my entire life to hear: “Meet your daughter.” I burst into tears of happiness, although I’d known I was having a girl ever since two lines appeared on the pregnancy test.

You see, I’d been in this ultrasound office before, when I’d sobbed with disappointment to discover I was having a second son … and then a third. This time my husband and I weren’t taking any chances. We had paid $50,000 and travelled 13,000 kilometres to make sure the baby growing inside me was female.

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Dr. Daniel Potter traveled to London to discuss gender selection!

d469fd8a0cAs a strong advocate for reproductive freedom and equality (including compensated egg donation, compensated surrogacy, single parenting and same sex parenting) Dr. Potter is dedicated to providing his patients with the highest pregnant rates in a warm and caring atmosphere. Dr. Daniel Potter has noticed a 20% increase in patients from the IK every year. To help meet this growing demand Dr. Daniel Potter traveled to UK bringing awareness through seminars and new consutaltions to discuss the process of gender selection for international patients; including the science, logistics and cost, as well as the ethical aspects of gender selection and the legal challenges faced by UK gender selection proponents.

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